Production planning and control is the organization
and planning of the manufacturing process.
It co-ordinates supply and movement of materials and
labor, ensures economic and balanced utilization of
machines and equipment as well as other activities
related with production to achieve the desired
manufacturing results in terms of quantity, quality,
time and place.
There are three stages in PPC
Planning : The choice from several alternatives of the best
utilizing the available resources to achieve the desired
objective .
Operations: Performance in accordance with details set out
in production plan.
Control: The monitoring of performance through a feed
back by comparing the results achieved with planned targets
so that performance can be improved.
To deliver goods in required quantities to customers in
required delivery schedule.ion
To ensure maximum utilization of all resources
To ensure production quality products
To minimize the product throughput time
To maintain optimum level inventory
To maintain flexibility in manufacturing operations
Coordinate between labour and machines and various
supporting departments
Inventory Control
Strategic Planning(Long range): It is process of
thinking though the organizations current mission and
environment and setting a guide for future decisions and
results. e.g. Technology forecasting and choice of
appropriate technology for the long range time horizon.
Tactical Planning(Intermediate Range): It is done over
an intermediate term or medium range time horizon by
middle level management. These plans focus on
aggregate products rather than individual products.
Operational Planning(Short Range ): It is done over a
short range time span developed by junior level
management. It is concern with utilization of existing
facilities rather than creation of new facilities.
PPC coordinates all the phases of production /
Operating system
An efficient plan results in higher quality ,better
utilization of resources, reduced inventories, better
customer services.
An efficient plan enable the firm to improve its sales
turnover , market share and profitability.
PPC function is based on certain assumptions or
forecasts of customer’s demand, Plant capacity,
availability of materials etc
Employee may resist change in production levels set as
per production plans.
This process is time consuming when we need to carry
out routing and scheduling function for large products.
This function become difficult when environmental
factors changes rapidly.