Advanced Crisis Intervention: Contemporary Approaches for the

Advanced Crisis Intervention
Presentation by: Jane Dwyer, MSW, LCSW
Advanced Crisis Intervention
Contemporary approaches for the journey of transforming
trauma by regaining emotional and cognitive control
Part I Objectives
1. Define crisis
2. State the principles and characteristics of
3. Identify personal characteristics of an effective
crisis intervener
4. Describe the Hybrid Model of Crisis
“Crisis is the
perception or
experiencing of an
event or situation
as an intolerable
difficulty that
exceeds the
person’s current
resources and
(James & Gilliland,
What is a Crisis?
Seeds of Growth and
Danger and Opportunity
The Necessity of Choice
Universality and
Complicated Symptomology
“Only through the
experience of trial and
suffering can the soul be
strengthened, vision
cleared, ambition inspired,
and success achieved”
– Helen Keller
Tolerance for ambiguity
Confidence and Assertiveness
A calm, neutral demeanor
Little need to rescue
Capacity for listening
Awareness of trauma indicators
Openness to individual crisis reactions
Flexibility and Creativity Capacity for information management
– Establishing psychological
– Clarifying intentions
Psychological support
Logistical support
Social support
Informational support
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