By the end of the training, participants will gain: Understanding

By the end of the training,
participants will gain:
A Trauma-Informed Approach
for Adolescent Sexual Health
Understanding about
developmental needs
of youth who have
experienced trauma
Insight into trauma
and its potential
impact on sexual
decision making
communication skills
with teens who have
experienced trauma
Increased comfort
with initiating
sensitive discussions
Practice with a
approach that involves
all service providers
This 3.5 day FREE TRAINING course provides a foundation
for understanding the influence of trauma on adolescent
sexual decision-making. It combines research on childhood
trauma with best practices for sex education.
Practical skills to
motivate clients
towards optimal
sexual decision making
To register, call Susan Washinger,
Program Coordinator
(717) 232-6400 ext 229.
Practice teaching
youth coping
strategies for health
and well being
Resources for helping
youth create and
maintain a social
support network
Conducted by Joann Schladale, M.S., L.M.F.T. ,
Resources for Resolving Violence, Inc.
September 17-20, 2013
at Temple University Harrisburg