Trauma Emergency Surgery


Trauma Emergency


Joseph Galante, MD FACS

General Surgery Program Director

Trauma Group

 3000-3500 trauma admits per year

 1500-2000 emergency surgery patients

 80-100 patients in the hospital

 10 Faculty


 Trauma Resuscitation

 Pre hospital Emergency Services

 Graduate Medical Education

Trauma Resuscitation

 Conducting a prospective randomized trail comparing IV fluids in trauma patients

 Embarking on a second trail comparing IV fluids in emergency surgery patients

 Using animal model to assess IV fluids in abdominal washouts

Pre Hospital EMS

 Tactical EMS

– Police and SWAT EMS in high risk situations

 Transition of Military Battlefield Technology to Civilian Practice

Graduate Medical Education

 Strategies to educate residents within

ACGME time constraints

 Identification of better training models for general surgeons, military surgeons, and surgical subspecialists


 Projects are just starting

 Builds experience in clinical research

 Exposure to patients, medical records, and clinical activity


 Time commitments vary

 Chart review to patient interactions

 Work on a project get your name on the paper

 Operating room exposure