Materials from the inaugural event

Colorado Springs
Regional Business Alliance
Health Care Team
Driving growth in the health care
sector of Colorado Springs’ economy
Regional Health Care Assets
Building on Historic Strengths
• Research
– UCCS Academic Health Sciences Center, UC Medical School
• Military
– Evans Regional Military Hospital, new VA Center
• Sports Medicine
– USOC, orthopedic and physical therapy practices and clinics
• Geriatric and Pediatric care
– PhD Geriatric Psychology, geriatric fitness program, Innovations in
Aging, Lane Center, new children’s hospital projects
• Payment Reform
– Pilot site for first community-wide bundled payment program
• Collaboration
– Nationally-recognized provider coalition (Community Health Partners)
• Outreach
– Two major hospital systems serving southern Colorado and beyond
Health Care Team Charter
Pursue projects aimed at growing the health care
sector of our regional economy.
Support the Business Alliance with operational
activities and special projects.
– Grow
– Support
– Communicate
Increase jobs by becoming competitive in the
following areas:
– Medical tourism and travel
– Health IT innovation
– Payment reform products and services
Medical Visitor Friendly Region
• Health Services directory
• Accommodations
• Transportation
• Family member support & entertainment
• Navigators
• Value metrics