Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Electronic Theses and
Dissertations (ETDs)
The YSU Program
Theses and dissertations have long been regarded as the
bedrock of graduate education. They are scholarly works that
take years to research and write … However, the vast majority of
these works languish in obscurity in college and university
libraries and archives. The best way to bring this research to
light is to publish it electronically and give to students and
researchers free and open access to theses documents via the
World Wide Web.
Fineman, Yale. (2003). Electronic theses and dissertations. Libraries and
the academy, 3(2), 219-227.
OhioLINK ETD Center
Launched in 2001 as a joint project of
OhioLINK and the Regents Advisory
Committee on Graduate Study (RACGS).
Twenty-seven Ohio institutions are
currently submitting ETDs.
Current holdings:
YSU ETD Center holdings …
Total downloads …
History of YSU Participation
Began in 2001 through Maag Library.
Scanned and uploaded 118 ETDs to the
ETD Center.
No further submissions between 2002 and
ETD Submission
Successfully defend
print version of T/D
with your department.
Confirm adherence to
Grad. Studies content
Convert your file to
PDF format.
Check for corrupt
data in the PDF file.
Check formatting of:
title page, signature page, page
numbering, font, line spacing.
Contact a Program representative or
e-mail [email protected]
Pay close attention to data in
statistical tables and formulae.
ETD Submission
Graduate Studies
Submit original and
PDF files to Grad.
Studies on CD.
Submit: 2 paper copies plus personal
copies for binding, and 1 CD with all
electronic files.
Approval of document
and application of
electronic signature.
Electronic signature verifies that the
document uploaded to the ETD Center was
the one approved by Grad. Studies.
E-mail the document
to the student.
In cases where the file is too large, the
student will pick up the file from Grad.
ETD Submission
Graduate Studies
Upload document to
the ETD Center.
Personal information
Paper Info., Degree Info.
OhioLINK E-mails
Grad. Studies
confirming upload.
Check uploaded
document for Esignature to confirm.
Release for public
UMI release form
E-mail student to
confirm the final
A Word on Your ETD
Once your ETD is published, it is
considered final by OhioLINK.
PDF files are not replaced unless there is a
serious problem affecting content.
E-mail addresses
If you provide open access to your e-mail
address, be wary of unsolicited e-mails from
organizations offering to publish books based
on your work.
A Word on Your ETD
Personal Information.
No signatures or personal contact Info. can
appear anywhere in your ETD.
Multi-media files such as music can
possibly be embedded into the PDF file for
ETD Center submission.
If your thesis is accompanied by some form of
electronic media, see an ETD program Rep.
for further information.
Your ETD is subjected to PDF / A process
using Acrobat Distiller to embed fonts and
ensure that the file can be accessed in the
long term.
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