GIS Water Utility Infrastructure

Local Government
Management of GIS Data
for a Water Utility
Marc Rhan
Water – How is it maintained?
• Clean drinking water
• Water infrastructure is vitally important to
• How is the data managed?
GIS database for water line and components
Costs to implement and maintain
Standardized structure
Manage utility assets
Public notification
Homeland Security
• Assisting the Stakeholders with a final
• Creating a standardized method of data
creation and transfer
• Create a financial vehicle to facilitate
updates as they occur with new
•ESRI has developed a prototype water database format
ESRI model - Pump Attributes
ESRI model – Fittings
Process / manage data
• ESRI has developed a prototype water
database format
• Modify existing database
• Migrate existing data
• Update data
• Authenticate data
• Publish data
• Ordinances
• CADD standards
• Provide revenue stream / methodology to
obtain data as it changes
• Implement methodology to merge CADD
• Authenticate all data updates
With CADD – sorting through all the layers is difficult!
No storage of intelligence for the data itself
As Built drawings - Engineering precision, GIS problems
• Client desire to develop database
• Funding sources
• Procedures to gather field changes and implement
changes to database
• Standard methods
• Authenticate changes
• Make data / training available to client for
use in planning and maintenance