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Looking forward

Innovative ideas and how to take advantage of them

12 November 2013, Stuttgart, Germany

Siegfried Rupprecht, Rupprecht Consult

Where is the EU moving?

Framework conditions of EU – Transport Policy

 Trends

higher profile of urban transport (climate change!)

clearer priorities of networks, topics, instruments

 EU funding more strongly connected to EU policy goals

stronger monitoring of policy implementation

EU Policy Initiatives during 2013

 strategies for alternative fuels and charging infrastructure

("Clean Power for Transport"; Jan 2013; incl. draft directive)

consultations and roadmaps to implement Transport White Paper

 new infrastructure policy (TEN-T; Oct 2013) and "Connecting Europe Facility"

 European Innovation Partnership "Smart Cities and Communities"

(High Level Group, Oct 2013)

 operational planning of regional policy programmes for 2014 – 2020

 research and innovation programme "Horizon 2020" 2014 – 2020

(launch: mid Dec. 2013)

Urban Mobility Package (end 2013?)

… and still a lot to do!

Urban Mobility Package (Dec. 2013?)

 sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMP)

 criteria for more effective planning (ELTIS-Guidelines)

 "high quality planning" increasingly basis for EU funding

 traffic safety: "zero fatality" vision

 urban freight logistics

 maintain urban core functions

 access management

 which systems, policies are effective ("patchwork")

 improve coordination among actors

Horizon 2020 : "smart, green and integrated transport"

 advanced bus concepts

 traffic safety analysis

 cooperative ITS

 modal shift strategies

 electric public transport

 urban freight

 growth in public transport

 walking & cycling

 sustainable urban mobility plans

 open data

 multimodal travel info

 innovative infrastructure

 vehicles & batteries

 small business innovation

 "Smart Cities and Communities"

 "CIVITAS 2020"

"Smart Cities and Communities"

 large lighthouse projects integrating energy, transport, ICT sectors

partnership between municipalities and industry

holistic approach integrating existing or very near to market technologies in an innovative way:

 (nearly zero) or low energy districts (energy from local resources, refurbishment of buildings, crosscutting ICT for management of energy/ transport systems)

 integrated infrastructures (networks, street scenes, sites, including smart grids, broadband infrastructures, poly-networks)

 sustainable urban mobility ( integration of energy/ fuelling infrastructure with vehicle fleets powered by alternative energy carriers for public and private transport, including logistics and freight)

 200 m€ EU-funding 2014/15 (plus other sources)

"CIVITAS 2020"

"CIVITAS 2020" extended to entire urban mobility area of transport work programme

EU-funding 100 m€ in 2014/15

 2014: research and demonstration tasks

 2015: research and demonstration tasks (incl. 50 m€ for CIVITAS demonstration

 two-stage application process

timetable (1 st call)

 publication mid Dec 2013,

 stage 1 proposals end March/ stage 2 proposals August 2014?

 project start end 2014/ early 2015 (?)

 up to 70% funding (plus 25% flat overheads)

 CIVITAS demos:

 EU contribution: 12 to 18 m€

 consortia of 4 – 5 cities with strong common interests

"CIVITAS 2020"

 measures selected from integration areas:

 clean fuels and vehicles

 collective passenger transport

 demand management strategies

 mobility management

 safety and security

 car-independent lifestyles

 urban freight logistics

 transport telematics

And the TIDE rolls on …

TIDE webinar – December 2013

• Coming in early 2014

• Based on the content of the workshop here in Stuttgart

• Sharing ideas and outcomes with a larger audience

E-learning – spring 2014

10 courses

• Pricing measures

• Non-motorised transport

• Traffic and network management

• Electric mobility

• Public transport organisation

• Sustainable urban mobility planning

• Your ideas?

Upcoming TIDE workshops for Circle Cities

 WS2 – Making innovation reality, a first-hand view –

A topic-specific site visit and workshop

• Spring 2014 – visits to TIDE partner cities Budapest, Donostia-San

Sebastian, Milan, Reading, Rotterdam (specific dates and locations


• Including topical site visits and presentations, exchange with other cities, international networking opportunities, information on the latest sustainable mobility measures

 WS3 – Putting it all together – A workshop on integrating transport innovation and sustainable urban mobility planning

• Spring 2015 – location TBC

TIDE products

• TIDE Handbook for Transferability Analysis in Urban Transport and


• Practitioner’s Handbook for Applying Impact Analysis to Urban

Transport Innovation

• Implementation Guidelines for 10 Innovative Measures

• Country-specific events

Check out www.tide-innovation.eu

for the latest updates.

Thank you!

We look forward to working with you over the coming months!