Green Schools Anti-Litter Cinema Advert

Roscommon County Council in association with
The New Media Institute
Anti-Litter Cinema Advert – 2013
Participating Schools
 Roscommon Community College
 St. Joseph’s Athlone
 Castlerea Community School
 Roscommon CBS
 Elphin Community College
 Convent of Mercy, Roscommon Town
 Ballaghaderreen Youthreach
Advertisement Premiere
 Premiere will be held in Spring 2014 – Venue to be decided.
 External judges will have judged the entries.
 All participating schools are invited and
all schools entries will be shown at the premiere.
Prize presented to winning school by Mayor of Roscommon
Refreshments for all at the Premiere.
DVDs of Cinema-Ad project will be distributed to all primary
schools in the County and is intended to be available on RCC
Content has to be suitable for public viewing.
Anti-Litter Theme
Create greater awareness in Co. Roscommon of ‘litter’ issues.
 Asking you to create anti litter message for your peers.
 Most common types of Litter in Roscommon are:
 Chewing Gum, Cigarette Litter, Packaging Litter (includes
takeaway, bottles, cans).
 Where it comes from, how long it lasts in environment, cost of
disposal, long-term effects on the environment.
 Chewing Gum – lasts indefinitely, difficult & expensive to
Anti Litter Theme
 Cigarette Litter – up to 12 years – filters are a form of plastic
which does not degrade quickly
Plastic Bottles-up to 500 years
Aluminium Cans-200-500 years
Styrofoam containers – never
Affects local image, tourism, and also wider impact on
environment generally.
Affects nearly every aspect of environment, Countryside
Rivers, lakes, seas polluted by litter.
Anti Litter Theme
 Widlife affected-sea life, birds, plastic bags have been found in
stomachs of polar bears.
 On the Spot Litter Fine of €150.
 Cost Roscommon County Council approximately
€450,000 in 2012 to clean streets in towns & villages.
 Money that could be used on providing better services to
citizens-Libraries, Swimming Pools, Playgrounds, Sports
How much Litter in Ireland?
• 35,000 tonnes litter
• Enough to fill Croke Park
6 months apart
Types of Litter
Step 1 : Research – examples of
anti-litter adverts
 Duration of finished advert 30 seconds to 50 seconds max.
Examples of anti-litter ads: 20 seconds
 29 seconds
 1.37 min
 2.03 min (Belfast)
 41
 30 seconds
Step 2 : Brainstorm Ideas
Encourage creativity.
Play around with ideas. Share ideas.
Get feedback from classmates
Once students have a plan, they must decide what they will
say and how they will illustrate the ad.
Step 3 : Be Specific
 Determine what message they are trying to get across?
 What’s so great about it?
 Who would want it?
 Why they would want it?
 Be specific - Being specific is very necessary to
creating an impact.
 You must give features of your anti-litter message that
should tell your viewer the benefits of not littering.
 The most effective advert is short, plain and simple.
Step 3: Use a persuasive technique
 Common sense – challenge the viewer to think of a good
reason why not to ‘litter’.
Humour – make the viewer laugh – making the ad more
likeable and memorable.
Repetition – e.g. with Jingles
Convince the viewer that time is of the essence – what
advantages would lack of litter mean to the environment
in Roscommon / free up resources for other facilities.
Use Colour, Sound and Imagery to appeal to viewer.
Step 4 : Sketch ideas using
Storyboard template
 Come up with a catchy, snappy tagline. Whatever it is it
should grab viewers attention. Consider using;
A play on words
A personal pledge
 Close-up shots – used to
show facial
expressions / details.
 Mid-Length shots – show the
half of the person and their
 Long shots – show objects /
from a distance.
Step 5 : Sound / Dialogue /
Music / Images
 Any dialogue should be crystal clear with perfect
 Keep dialogue short and simple.
 Copyright issues with published music and expense.
 TNMI have licensed music which we have purchased
and can use it to enhance your advert.
 Copyright issues with images – no branding allowed
e.g. no Coca-Cola labels on bottles etc.
Step 6: Costumes
 Costumes: The
characters will have to
look as believable and
 The costumes will tell us
something about the
 Costumes will have to be
ready for the day of filming.
Step 7: Filming Day
• HD Cameras
• Tripod
• Lighting and tripods
• Hand-held lighting kit
• Lapel Microphones
• Presenter microphones
• Reflector
Step 8: Filming Indoors
 Considerations for
filming indoors –
disturbance to other
classes / school bell /
lighting / space / noise in
 Permission required and
Step 9: Filming Outdoors
 Prepare for all weathers.
 Seek permission from school.
 Seek permission if required re
location e.g. Shop.
 Is the location safe to bring the
group to?
 No filming allowed near Banks,
Garda Stations, Post Offices, etc.
Useful Websites
 - environment
 – anti litter short films / adverts
Contact Details
 Roscommon County Council
 The New Media Institute
 Frances Raymond and
Marion Parker
Environment Dept
Suzanne Dempsey
Environment Awareness
 Tel: 0906-637268/265
Kevin Smith
 Mob: 087-1373294
 E: