Reading Strategy: Visualize

Reading Strategy:
Creating Images
“If I can’t picture it, I can’t
understand it.”
---Albert Einstein
“It is impossible even to think
without a mental picture.”
348 B.C.
Creating images involves
picturing in your mind what is
happening in the text.
When you create images, you
use the words from the story to
create pictures in your mind.
It is like making a movie of the
story in your head as you read.
Why is creating
images so important?
When the brain “sees” it helps
you to remember and
understand the story.
(You get smarter!)
Creating images also helps
you enjoy reading!
As you read you create pictures
in your mind of :
• The events and actions
• The characters and how they
• The settings and the problems
Readers may picture themselves
in a scene or imagine meeting a
This could
be you.
When a reader creates
images, they can understand
the sad parts or the funny
Readers may use experiences
from their own lives to help
them see and experience the
This story reminds me of the time….
(Clue: making a text to self connection)
Reading is . . .
seeing and thinking!
With out it…’re
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