Transactional Data: Digitalisation, Visualisation and the `Descriptive

Popular Culture, Digital Archives
and the New Social Life of Data
Roger Burrows
Accounts - Actions
• Accounts of Actions
– Interviews
– Surveys
• Traces of Actions
– Transactional Data
– Web 2.0
Breaking Conceptual Binaries?
• Production/Consumption ≈ Prosumption?
• Play/Labour ≈ Playbour?
• Vernacular Social Science/Social Science?
• Text/Visualisations?
Types of Digital Popular Culture
• Transactional
• Everyday
• Viewpoint/Opinion
• Crowdsourcing
Taste = f (gender, age….)
Hit me up…
Logging Complaints
We feel….
Evelyn Ruppert
• The Transparency Agenda
• If the discipline is going to take seriously the
implications of digitalisation processes as
both an object of inquiry and as a challenge to
its established methodological practices, then
the innovations in sociological description
that this will inevitably necessitate will mean
that we will have to take visualisation
methodologies far more seriously than we
have done hitherto
Concluding Remark