Children`s Aid Society Archives

A description of the work is as follows:
>> Most research will take place in the Library of The New York
>> Historical Society, Manuscripts Department.
>> The Children's Aid Society receives numerous requests for research to
>> be completed. Most requests come from family members/descendants of
>> our Orphan Train Riders (see link below). Other requests come
>> from researchers, historians, documentariasts, film makers, school
>> groups, etc.
>> The process is to view the files and record books pertaining to
>> individuals or groups, and to document the facts so they can be
>> provided to the requesters.
>> We will provide training to students on the specifics of the research.
>> The Orphan Train program was one of, if not the largest child
>> emmigration program in the history of the United States. Our records
>> demonstrate a great deal about life in America from 1853 to 1931, and
>> even later, with personal stories as well as factual data.
>> This is a great opportunity to conduct research at the New York
>> Historical Society as well as to learn about the Orphan Train
>> Program, The Children's Aid Society, Archives, and the history of New
>> York City in general. Hours and days are flexible, so long as it is
>> during library hours.
>> We do have a Finding Aid for our records, which can be accessed
>> through the NYHS. A Descriptive Summary of our Archives, from the
>> Finding Aid, can be seen below.
Applicants should email resumes to :
Teresa Bennett
[email protected]
CAS Archives Office
150 E. 45 Street
New York, NY 10017
Ph: 212-949-4847