The fish philosophy - Jahra ELT Supervision

Know about your character from
your favourite type of chocolate.
If Bounty is your favourite type of
chocolate ,this means that you are:
Remember birthdays
Kind and thoughtful
Like surprises
If Twix is your favourite type of
chocolate ,this means that you are:
See all possibilities
Hate surprises
Hate dead lines
If Mars is your favourite type of
chocolate ,this means that you are:
Problem solver
If Snickers is your favourite type,
this means that you are :
Every one loves you
Love parties and games
The presentation will take you through:
Workshop Objectives.
Opening question.
The Fish story.
The Fish Philosophy principles.
Closing Activity.
Workshop Objectives
As a result of participating in this presentation ,
you will be able to:
• Implement a new teaching philosophy.
• Explain ideas for applying the Fish Philosophy
in your workplace.
• Find ways to build a supportive work
environment everyday.
Can someone describe a type
of job that you are glad that
you don’t have?
• How do Seattle’s Pike Place Fish
Market fishmongers do it?
Seattle Pike Place Fish Market is a highly
successful market.To what do you attribute
their success?
What do you see in the fish market that you
wish you had at your place of work?
Why fish philosophy inside the classroom?
Schools around the world are using the Fish Philosophy to:
-Provide amazing ideas that make students in different
grades want to learn.
-Build a culture where students love to give their best
-Improve team work and build trust.
-Create classrooms where students respect and care about
one another and feel safe and ready to learn.
Four cornerstones of fish
Choose your attitude means:
The positive impact you want to have
on students.
You can choose your
attitude by
• Leaving your problems outdoors.
• Being energetic.
• Being committed to what you
Choose your attitude will help you to
• Be positive and that will inspire those
around you to have the same spirit and
so it will increase productivity.
• Respond to problems and mistakes in a
way that will strengthen your
relationship with your students.
It means:
The state of mind
that brings new
energy to the
You can play by:
• Eliminating fear at the classroom.
• Sharing jokes or some funny stories
with students.
• Imposing Funny activities in the
Play will help you to:
• Do boring tasks easily.
• Make time pass quickly.
• Establish humane relationship with
Make their day
It means doing something special,
unexpected and personalized that will
delight your students . It is finding ways to
add positive morale and value to their
What is the nicest thing you have
ever done for your students?
You can make their day by
• Meeting special requests.
• Having a student-of-the-month incentive.
• Using Simple gestures of thoughtfulness
and caring.
Making their day will help you to :
• Increase trust and teamwork.
• Encourage students to do better.
Be there
It means giving your complete focus to
whatever you are dealing with.This
includes setting aside distractions ;to be
fully present both your body and your
You can be there by:
• Acknowledging students by name.
• Initiating conversation and practising
active listening.
• Using direct eye contact.
• Giving individual attention.
• Ask sincere questions and engage them.
Be there will help you to:
Strengthen relationship with your students.
Earn respect of students by showing respect.
Learn more by listening better.
Do different tasks efficiently.
How will you…….?
• Be totally present?
• Create a fun playful work/study environment?
• Be the teacher who makes your students day?
• Choose the attitude you like to have everyday?
By answering these questions, you will be able to
design this fish with your own ideas.
Our classrooms
• As you enter this place of work please
choose to make today a great day.
• Find ways to play.
• Stay focused in order to be present .
• Make the day of your students.
It’s time to go fishing
Thanks for participating!
This presentation was:
(1) Awesome.
(2) Fun.
(3) smelled
like fish!!
(4) Exciting
(5) Boring