What is a topical issue?

What should you choose for
your topical issue?
A topical issue is one which…
• has at least two sides to the story
• Needs an understanding of science but…
also involves ideas about how science
• Can be turned into a question – this will
help you structure your final report
Some examples….
Should we stop eating fish and
chips to save fish stocks?
Is it right to use animals in
Should the UK invest in
wind farms?
Does it matter if organic food
isn’t better for you?
Should Boots sell
homeopathic products?
Should we build more
nuclear power plants?
Are zoos ethical?
How can we cut down carbon
dioxide release?
science essays
“what is liver disease?”
might be a good
biology topic, but it
isn’t an issue.
how about…’ should
alcoholics be given
liver transplants?’
topics that only have one
“Should we allow drugs in
There is little, or no
evidence, against this issue.
How about “should disabled
athletes be allowed to
compete against able-bodied
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