8. SIOP_Review and Assessment

Ideas and Activities to Differentiate
Instruction through
Review and Assessment
Learning Targets:
Content Targets:
Select techniques for reviewing key content concepts.
Incorporate a variety of assessment techniques into lessons.
Describe the challenges in assessing the content learning of
students with limited English proficiency.
Language Targets
Write a lesson plan that includes review of key vocabulary.
Teach a lesson with group response techniques.
Orally provide feedback to ELs that enhances language
Use oral, written, and physical means to provide specific
feedback to students on their performance.
Effective Teaching Cycle for
English Learners
Develop Lesson
Using Assessment,
Standards, and
SIOP Model
Teach Lesson
Assess Student
Comprehension and
Student work
Make Adjustments to
Improve Student
Review Key Concepts
And Vocabulary
SIOP Feature 27
Comprehensive Review of Key Vocabulary
Vocabulary Review -- Do this:
Provide multiple exposures to new terminology to build
familiarity, confidence and proficiency.
Paraphrase – it provides and effective scaffold , especially
after words and phrases have been previously defined
and discussed in context.
Do use pictures and nonprint (gestures, role-play,
Pictionary, charades.)
Help students become more familiar with academic
language through introducing and modeling academic
Have students create personal Word Study Books
Vocabulary Review -- Don’t do this:
give the “dreaded word list” on which students
must write (or copy) dictionary definitions!!!
Research is very clear – isolated word lists and
dictionary definitions alone do not promote
vocabulary and language development.
just orally introduce and define vocabulary –
students will not remember!!
SIOP Feature 28
Comprehensive Review of Key
Content Concepts
Wrap up Techniques
I wonder…
I discovered…
I still want to know…
I learned…
I still don’t understand…
I still have a question about…
I will ask a friend about…
SIOP Feature 29
Regular Feedback Provided to
Students on Their Output
SIOP Feature 30
Assessment of Student Comprehension
and Learning all Lesson Objectives
throughout the lesson.
Ticket Out
 How
are you going
to change review and
assessment in your
classroom ?