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GCSE History

20 th Century Depth Studies

Section A

There are three parts to each question


An ‘Explain how’ question (6 marks)


A ‘Usefulness’ question (10 marks)


An ‘Inference Question’ (4 marks)

How to answer an ‘Inference ‘ question

What does Source A suggest about…? (4 marks)

 Find at least TWO facts in the source.

 Draw an inference …. What does the author of the source want you to think about the event, or to believe about the event?

 What is going on under the surface?

What does the source tell us…?

Mark Scheme Marks

0 Writes nothing of relevance

Level 1 Identifies 1 or 2 facts

Level 2 Identifies 1 or 2 inferences



How to answer an ‘Explain how’ question

 For a WHY question give reasons.

 For a HOW question give ways.

 For a CONSEQUENCES question give results

 You must give at least TWO reasons.

 You must explain how one thing led to another.

An ‘Explain how’ question

Mark Scheme Marks

Writes nothing of relevance 0

Level 1 General comments or simple statements.


Level 2 Simple explanation – gives one reason supported by facts

Or Offers a number of reasons but limited explanation or facts.

Level 3 Developed explanation

Explains two or more reasons in detail .



Examples of ‘Explain how’ questions.

 Why was Henry Ford successful?

 Why was there a ‘Red Scare’ in the 1920s?

 Why did the US government impose

Prohibition in 1919?

 Why were the 1920s called the ‘Roaring


 Why did Wall Street ‘crash’ in 1929?

How to answer a ‘Usefulness’ question

 Deal with the CONTENT

– What is the message of the source?

– How is the information useful?

Deal with the PROVENANCE

Who wrote it?, When? And Why?

What was the purpose and motive of the author? What are they trying to achieve?

– How do these factors make the source useful, or less useful.

How useful is the source..?

Mark Scheme Marks

Writes nothing of relevance 0

Level 1 Basic or limited information

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Simple comment

Sees how the content is relevant

Source is useful because of origin, context or purpose

Developed explanation

Explains how the content illustrates important aspects of topic.

Or explains how origin, context, purpose of source make it useful.

Explanation of usefulness using both content and provenance