TUDOR FOOD James - mountsbridgewater

James Wright Yr5
This drawing of these tudor family at their dinning table. there is a parrot on the table,
there is a dog on the plate in the far right and left of this portrait.
This what the rich tudors would be eating for most of the time especially Henry the
VIII. there are two pheasants in the background as well.
Poor tudors would not have this food unless they had a rich relative that was generous
and caring.
Tudor Banquet Menu
Course 1
Quarter of a stag marinated in
Stuffed chicken loin of veal
Course 2
Shoulder of a roe deer
Pig head
Course 3
Plaited bread
Roasted pheasants
Course 4
Roast lamb
Course 5
Questions About Tudor Food
• How does Tudor food differ from modern food ?
– Cooked over an open fire spicy, colourful and lavish very rich and not
very healthy.
• What common ingredients from today did the Tudor not have?
– Preservatives and potatoes'
• What did they use instead ?
– Ate meat in season or pickled it. Poor people ate turnips, beets, carrots.
Questions About Tudor Food Cont
• What curious customs did Tudors have around food?
– Lavish decorations, such as peacock feathers or decorating tables as
lawns complete with with tents, meals lasted for 3 hours or more.
• Where did their ingredients come from?
– Food purchased in markets, but lots came from France the new world
and asia.
• How did Henry’s food differ from common peoples?
– Henry had a much greater variety of food, but with less vegetables than
the poor.