Jigsaw Strategy

Teaching Techniques by Lida Amiri
Monday, 4/22/13
Day Planner: Word Generation, Close
Bell Work: Do you think handguns should be illegal?
Why or why not?
Chinese proverb
Tell me and I'll forget;
show me and I may remember;
involve me and I'll understand
Teaching methods
Traditional method is the frontal teaching
Students should be active learners instead of
passive audience
Students have to be engaged to speak and learn in
the target language
Jigsaw method
Class divided into groups of experts
 Each group will read one text and take notes
 New groups will be formed:
 Each
new group will have one expert from the
former group
Each expert will tell his/her peers about his
topic. Group members take notes.
Jigsaw method
Lesson Plan “Manifest Destiny &
Indian Removal“
Groups are formed and texts are handed out;
indepedently completes Close Reading strategy
New expert groups are formed
Each expert presents his primary source doc, decide
on possible answers to your margin questions (from
step 3)
 10
Experts returned to orginal groups to present their
documents & compare & contrast.
 20
4. Expert Groups:
Write Possible Answers
Consider possible answers to step 3 questions.
Use context knowledge from the surrounding text
to gather answers.
If context doesn’t help, define allusions, unfamiliar
words, or cryptic statements
Brainstorm as many possible answers you can
5. Expert Groups:
Rule Out Weak Answers
Look at your answers and rule out any that seem
more inductive rather than deductive.
deductive reasoning - moves from general to
specific to form a conclusion
Inductive reasoning – moves from specific to general
and supports rather than proves a conclusion
Keep only possible answers that seem to have a
relation to the text and make sense of the events
and patterns
6. Expert Groups:
Expand Upon the Possible
Pick the best of your answers and expand upon
your thinking
Step 4 asks you to brainstorm answers
Step 6 asks you to explain your answers in full
7. Jigsaw Groups:
Return to your jigsaw groups
Share/present your document one at a time to your
You can choose to complete this in a clockwise
8. Jigsaw Group:
Compare & Contrast
Choose a “recorder” from your group
Brainstorm/compare & contrast for each document
Create a venn diagram