Chapter 2 Elements and the Periodic Table

Elements and the Periodic Table
Periodic Trends
Periodic Trends
are repeating patterns
 result from organizing elements by their
increasing atomic number
 are linked to the way in which electrons
occupy and fill energy levels
across a period
down a group
Jigsaw Activity
There are several properties of the
elements in the periodic table that vary in
observable patterns.
 In this jigsaw activity you will learn about
trends in the following:
Atomic Size (Radius)
Ionization Energy
Electron Affinity
(p 31-34)
(p 34-35)
(p 35-36)
(p 36-37)
Jigsaw Activity
In groups of 4…
 Each person completes summary notes and a
short lesson on their section (15 min). Use the
suggested questions provided by your teacher
as a guideline for your lesson.
 Each person presents to the group
 Each group member takes notes, listens to
other member’s presentations
 Each person should have complete summary
notes on each section
p34 #16, 17
p40 #9, 11, 13
Also – Pre-Lab questions
Reminder: Flame Test Lab Write-up is due
Friday (attach original prediction)