The Three Branches of Government Under the Constitution Are Like

The Three Branches of Government
Under the Constitution Are Like
Human Body!
By: Alea Al-Aghbari
The Brain
 The brain is like the
because just as the
brain controls the
body, the
controls what
people can or cannot
The Heart
 The heart is like the
people because just
as the heart keeps
the body alive, the
people keep the
government from
The Arms
 The arms are
like the
executive branch
because just as
arms carry
objects, the
executive branch
carries out the
The Hands
 The hands are like
the legislative
branch because just
as hands help the
body write, the
legislative branch
makes and writes
The Neck
 The neck is like the
judicial branch
because just as the
neck supports the
head, the judicial
branch supports
the law so
decisions will be
The Head
 The head is like
the president
because just as
the head holds
the power of the
body, the
president holds
the power of the
The Lungs
 The lungs are like
Congress because just
as lungs work
together to help the
body breathe,
Congress works
together to make
The Ears
 The ears are like
the Supreme Court
because just as
ears help you hear,
the Supreme Court
hears federal cases.
The Eyes
 The eyes are like
checks and balances
because just as eyes
help the body see,
checks and balances
see if each
government branch is
doing their job fairly.
The Stomach
 The stomach is like
separation of powers
because just as the
stomach separates
into the intestines,
separation of powers
separates the
government into three
The Fingers
 The fingers are like
the House of
because just as the
body’s fingerprints are
different for each
person, the House of
Representatives has a
different amount of
representatives from
each state.
The Legs
 The legs are like
George Washington
because just as legs
help the body run,
George Washington
helped run the
The Mouth
 The mouth is like
John Locke
because just as the
mouth helps the
body talk, John
Locke talked about
natural rights that
should be given to
all people.
The Feet
 The feet are like the
Convention because
just as feet are the base
of the body, the
Convention made the
base of the government
today by creating the
The Knees
 The knees are like the
Great Compromise
because just as knees
help the body bend its
legs, the Great
Compromise bended
the states’ wants so
both the smaller and
larger states would be