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Lilly Townsend
Block: 3
Type of Workout: Core
Warm-Up: Jog 10 minutes, 40 second plank, 15 sit-ups and ten pushups.
Cool-Down: Walk for 5 minutes, pancake stretch, and super girl for 30 seconds.
Number of sets: 3 or 4
Exercise & Description
Muscles Involved
# of
1. Dumbbell Side bends
In one hand take a dumbbell,
and rest the other hand on the
opposite hip. Change side each
time, bending in one direction
than the other. Keep legs
straight and the arm holding
the dumbbell as well. This
should work the sides of your
torso area.
2. Russian Twist
Sit with knees bent and feet
flat. Hold arms straight out in
front of chest, with palms
facing downward. Lean back,
your torso at a 45-degree angle
to the floor. Twist as far as
possible to the right, then
reverse movement to the left.
3. Crunches
Lay flat on the floor in sit-up
position. Put your hands behind
your head. With lower back to
the ground, lift upper back off
the ground in a forward
Upper abdominal
4. Hanging leg raises
Firmly grip the bar, with your
feet off the ground and slightly
bent knees. Arch your back as
you bring your thighs to your
chest. Lower back to original
position and repeat.
5. Lemon squeezers
Lie down without arms or legs
touching the floor. (Hollow
hold) with straight arms, bring
your knees up and touch your
toes. Go back to position, make
sure the back of your legs and
knees don’t touch the ground.
Lower abdominal
Lower abdominal