Summer Vacation Dreams PPt

My Summer
Vacation Dreams
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My name is____and I'm dreaming of
things I'll could do on summer
The first thing I'll do is go home and have
a snack.
Then maybe I'll go skydiving.
I will hike in the forest and
find my friend the baby dragon.
Together we will fly to the jungle to meet our
friend the gorilla. He will want us to read him
a story.
On the way home we will meet an alien and
visit his planet.
When we get back from outer space we will
go deep sea diving and find treasure.
When we are almost back home, we will see
a mountain and climb it.
I'll walk the baby
dragon home. After I
get home, I'll probably
paint a famous picture!
That's what I'll do on day one of my
summer vacation. I'm still thinking and
planning for day two.