Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - ME Grade


Lifestyles of the Rich and

Famous - ME

Parent Involvement



Reality Check

Log on to the above website and complete the survey, then fill in the following information.

1. To maintain my desired lifestyle, I would have to make:

$___________ per hour/ $__________ per week.

2. Possible careers that would allow me to make this amount are:

_______________________ at $_______per hour

_______________________ at $_______per hour

_______________________ at $_______per hour

3. To achieve this career I would have to have the following amount of education __________________________.

Now, let’s see how long it will take you to save for the

Florida vacation.

Let’s say that you plan to save 5% of your weekly earnings for your vacation.



Multiply your weekly earnings from #1 above by 5%

(example $760 x 5% =$38.00)


Divide the cost of your vacation by the answer from step #1 to get the number of weeks you must save.

(example $5000÷38=131.5 weeks or rounded to the nearest whole week 132 weeks)


Divide your number of weeks from step #2 by 52 to calculate how many years you must save.

(example 132÷52=2.5 years)


With our example, it would take the person 132 weeks or 2 ½ years to save for their vacation.

Based on my earnings, I would have to save $_______ per week (answer to #1) for

_________ weeks (answer to #2) or _______ years (answer to #3) to go on my Florida vacation.