Prewriting - Deer Park Elementary

2nd and 3rd Grade
The Web
• To begin a story you must first write down
• A web is a cluster that we use to write down
• A web is a place to brainstorm ideas.
• A web is used to help get your ideas on paper.
• A web is a way to begin organizing ideas.
Fill in the what happened box.
What Happened?
Who was there?
How did you feel? Where did it happen?
• Where did it happen?
• In the boxes you will fill out where
the story is going to take place
• In the boxes describe the
place where the story takes place
Fill in the four boxes and tell where it happened.
Where did it happen?
• Who was there?
• In the box tell who is in the story
• Describe the person
Fill in the four boxes on who was there.
Who was there?
• How did you feel?
• Describe how you felt
during the story
Fill in the four boxes on how did you feel.
How did you feel?
This is the end of the web!