Lipscomb Has Gone Green

Lipscomb Has Gone Green!
Sally Miller and Maria Leite, Art Educators
With budget cuts, less trees, and having to use lots of resources to even make paper,
Lipscomb has decided to go green. We have children bring in cereal boxes to recycle.
EVERY family has cereal boxes. We use them for just about any art project.
1. Relief sculptures can be created using these. Just cut out your shapes from this thin
cardboard and layer to make design. Use tempera paint or oil pastels for color on the
plain side, not the printed side.
2. Narrow strips can be cut for bracelets. Recycle magazine pages, cut small squares of
different colors and decorate with a mosaic design. Glue your mosaic on top of the
printed side leaving the inside of the bracelet the plain cardboard color.
3. Use the boxes for cutting out masks. Paint or decorate as you like.
Of course, any kind of box will do for these ideas.... cracker boxes, boxes frozen things
come in...any! Have fun going green and enjoy being creative with recycled boxes.