tudor world

So far we have learnt about Tudor monarchs such
as Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, and important
events that happened in their reign, such as
Henry’s break with the Catholic Church and the
defeat of Spanish Armada.
But how were the lives of ordinary people affected
during the lives of the Tudors?
And what other changes happened in the Tudor
The time of the Tudors in the 16th century
was in fact an amazing time in the history of
the world.
•It was a time of fantastic new scientific discoveries
and inventions
•This in turn led to people going on dangerous
voyages of discovery and discovering new countries in
the world, such as America!
•It was a time when the world’s greatest ever
playwright, William Shakespeare, wrote his plays
which were performed in theatres for Queen
•But it was a difficult time for poor people, and
especially poor women, which led to the witchcraft
craze in the Tudor times.
The Poor
•Tudor Theatre
Life in the
Tudor World
Exploration and Discovery
•European Voyages of Discovery
•Tudor Explorers and Pirates
•New scientific discoveries
•New inventions
•In pairs, you will have an opportunity to find out
more about the Tudor World.
•You need to pick one topic to research and present
your findings to the class.
•You can give a short talk/presentation or do your
presentation using Powerpoint.
•It is your job to decide why your topic is
important. For example, you have to explain why
your chosen event/person/topic deserves to be
remembered. Why is it important that we learn
about it? What can it tell us about life in the
Tudor World?
List of topics:
•Christopher Columbus and the discovery of
•Tudor explorers and pirates
•New inventions
•New scientific discoveries
•William Shakespeare and Tudor theatre
•Tudor sport
•Tudor crime and punishment
•Beggars, rogues and vagabonds