Cold War Review 2

Cold War Review 2
Vietnam War
• What Cold War policy
resulted in American
involvement in Vietnam?
• Containment
• What American president said,
“Ask not what Your country can
do for You, but what You can do
for Your country?
• John F. Kennedy
• What president said Americans
should “pay any price, bear any
burden, meet any hardship…to
assure the survival and success
of liberty”?
• John F. Kennedy
• What European colonial power
controlled Indochina after
World War II? (Indochina
included Vietnam.)
• France
• Who was the leader of the
Vietnamese independence
• Ho Chi Minh
• Why did the United States
support France’s efforts after
World War II to keep Indochina
as a colony?
• Ho Chi Minh was a communist.
• What type of government
did North Vietnam have?
• communist
• What type of government did
South Vietnam have?
• Non-communist or anticommunist
• What was the name of the South
Vietnamese communists who tried
to overthrow the South Vietnamese
government? They were guerilla
• Vietcong
• What was the official name of
the Vietcong?
• The National Liberation Front
• What president gave economic and
military aid, money and weapons,
first to the French and then to the
government of South Vietnam?
• Dwight D. Eisenhower
• What president began the
American military buildup in
South Vietnam?
• John F. Kennedy
• What president was
assassinated in 1963?
• John F. Kennedy
• What president escalated
(increased) American military
involvement in the Vietnam
• Lyndon B. Johnson
• What anti-communist policy
did the United States follow in
• containment
• How many American troops did
the United States have stationed
in Vietnam in 1968?
• More than 500,000
• What was the center of anti-war
feeling in the United States?
• College campuses
• Who won the 1968
presidential election?
• Richard M. Nixon
• What was Nixon’s pledge in
the 1968 presidential
campaign regarding the
Vietnam War?
• “Peace with Honor.”
• What did Nixon call his policy to turn
over the war to the South Vietnamese
army and simultaneously withdraw
American troops?
• Vietnamization
• Did Vietnamization succeed
or fail?
• Failed
• What country supplied the
North Vietnamese Army?
• The Soviet Union
• What political scandal forced
President Nixon to resign from
• Watergate
• Who became president when
Nixon resigned as President?
• Gerald Ford
• What happened in Vietnam? In
other words, how did the Vietnam
War end?
• Communist North Vietnam took
over South Vietnam and reunited
the country under communist rule.
• Who was president when the
Vietnam War ended?
• Gerald Ford
• What type of government did
Vietnam have when it was
reunified in 1975?
• Communist