Christmas In Austria

Christmas In Austria
Group 4
Amber Russell
Kayla Grantham
Amanda Napier
LaDarius Newton
Caleb winburn
Traditions In Austria
• One of the traditions
started in Austria is
• In Austria you
decorate the tree on
Thanksgiving day and
can’t see it decorated
till Christmas day
December In Austria
• The four Sundays
before Christmas the
light one candle each
week till you get to the
fourth week
• In Austria their main
Christmas food is carp
( fish )
Christmas Trees In Austria
• In Austria every one puts up a plane
Christmas tree and no one can see it
decorated till Christmas day when
Kristkindl decorates it.
Santa In Austria
• In Austria
People don’t
believe in
Santa they
believe in
kristkindl he
is a golden
haired baby the
decorates the
Austria different from the us
• In the USA we Decorate our Christmas trees when
we put them up
• We believe in Santa