AP US HISTORY/ Dickinson Unit 4 Ch.23

AP US HISTORY/ Dickinson Unit 4 Ch.23-27 TEST
Study Guide
1884 election - Grover Cleveland
Emilio Aguinaldo.
Alfred T. Mahan
Florence Kelley
American farmers' problem after 1880 was
Andrew Carnegie's
Gospel of Wealth
anti-Chinese violence in California
grandfather clauses.
Big Stick policy.
Granger Laws
Boss Tweed
Henry Bessemer.
buffalo exterminated
Homestead Act
business need for raw materials and new markets
income tax.
cartoons of Thomas Nast.
Italian immigrants to the United States
cause of the Spanish-American War
J. P. Morgan
collective bargaining
Jacob Coxey and his "army"
Compromise of 1877
Jane Addams
Cornelius Vanderbilt
Jay Gould
Crédit Mobilier scandal
Jim Crow laws.
Cuban nationalism
John D. Rockefeller
Dawes Severalty Act
John P. Altgeld
direct election of senators.
Dupuy de Lome.
literacy tests
Effects of the new industrial age
New York City's Tweed Ring
Eighteenth Amendment
Open Door policy
Plessy v. Ferguson.
open shop/closed shop
Politics during the Gilded Age?
sinking of the Maine
poll taxes
New Immigrants
Teller Amendment
Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes
Panic of 1873
President James A. Garfield
Thomas Edison.
problems of settlers on the Great Plains
U.S. expansionism
U.S. Steel
Queen Liliuokalani
Ulysses S. Grant
railroad strike of 1877
United States v. E. C. Knight
Rough Riders
Valeriano Weyler
Rural people moving to the city
vertical integration
settlement house
W. E. B. Du Bois
Sherman Antitrust Act
Wabash decision
Sitting Bull
waving the bloody shirt
Social Darwinism
William McKinley
William Jennings Bryan
women workers of the 1890s
Stalwart Republican.
women's suffrage
subsistence wages
yellow journalism
Teddy Roosevelt
yellow-dog contracts