The DNA of Survival

Learning Life’s Lessons through Literature
Macomb ISD High School ELA Assessment Units
11.5 The DNA of Survival: Contemporary World Literature—20th Century
Theme: The DNA of survival includes the ability to adapt.
Selections: Excerpt from Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl (pages 3-5)
and “A Study in Adaptation: Freshwater Sharks and Rays” (pages 6-7)
Responding to Reading: Multiple-choice and Response to Literature
(student pages 8-14) 36 points
Close and Critical Reading : (student pages 22-24) 24 points
ACT Grammar Assessment: (student pages 28-32) (teacher pages 33-38)
25 points
Comparison/Contrast Writing : Day in the Life (Russian) with Man’s Search (German)
(pages 39-42) 16 points
Synthesis: (pages 43-46) 9 points This could be dropped
Persuasive Writing: Reaction to Sarcozy (French) idea (pages 47-49)
12 points
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