Y9 GCSE History Presentation

GCSE History
2 exam papers
History of
through Time,
3000 BC –2000 AD
At the end of Y11: Paper I
Study in Development Medicine through time
History of
At the end of Y11: Paper 2
Enquiry in Depth Germany 1919-1945
1 Coursework Assignment
Quarry Bank Mill
Medicine through Time Public Health
Medicine through Time –
Anatomy & Surgery
Medicine through Time –
Infection & Disease
Germany, 1918-45 –
The Weimar Republic &
the rise of the Nazis, 1918-33
Germany, 1918-45
Life in Nazi Germany,1933-45
Coursework – Quarry Bank Mill
Controlled Assessment
Why did Greg build a cotton mill at Styal in 1784 ?
How did Greg treat the children who worked at his
mill ?
Why study GCSE History?
• History is recognised as a strong academic subject
and as such elicits a high degree of respect from
university admissions tutors.
• The skills gained are extremely transferable, and
are acknowledged to be of value in a wide range
of studies and professions.
• The GCSE forms an appropriate basis for those
continuing with History at A level and beyond;
such students often go into business,
accountancy, the Law, teaching and a wide range
of other careers.