Math Interventions Matrix

Math Interventions Matrix
“Accelerating struggling math learners to grade level achievement”
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Trainer: Debbie Hill
Math Interventions Matrix
• Created by a blue ribbon committee of
30 educators from around the state
• A resource to help narrow the
achievement gap between struggling and
achieving students
Essential Questions
What is the essential learning each student
must know in order to be successful?
What does research indicate is the best way
to teach that essential learning to
struggling students?
Research Informed Decisions
• Allow extra time for practice and review.
• Focus on number and algebraic thinking.
• Instruction should move from concrete to
representational to abstract.
• Interventionists should be mathematically
• Interventions should take place early and often.
Over 130 interventions
based on CCSS and
research findings for
teaching students with
disabilities and other
struggling learners.
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Please contact Debbie Fleming
if you have any questions or concerns.
Literacy/Math Coordinator
AR State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG)