The Countryside code

The Countryside code
Compare the images
• Look at the two images on the next slide.
• Think about what words you could use to
describe each picture.
• What are the differences between the two
Compare the images
The Countryside Code
• Whether you are in the
city or the countryside
there are rules which you
can follow to help you act
safely and respectfully to
those around you.
The Countryside Code
• In the country these
rules have been used
to create the
Countryside Code.
• The Countryside
Code has 5 rules,
they are…
The Countryside Code
1. Be safe - plan ahead and always
follow signs.
2. Leave gates and property as you find
3. Protect plants and animals, and take
your litter home.
4. Keep dogs under close control.
5. Think about other people.
1. How many rules are there in the
Countryside Code?
There are 5 rules in the Countryside code.
2. How should you treat a dog while you
are in the open countryside?
You should keep a dog on a lead or under
close control when you are in the open
3. Where should you leave litter when
you are in the countryside?
You should not leave litter anywhere, make
sure you take your litter home with you or put
it in a public bin.
4. What is the first rule before setting out
into the countryside?
The first rule before setting out into the
countryside is to plan your journey. Always
tell an adult where you will be going and
when you plan to be back.