Revision - Keywords - Cambridge
Accessible - A place or feature to which people can get to easily by some
form of transport or by walking
CBD -The central business district is the commercial and business centre of
a town or city where land values are at their highest
Congestion - A condition that occurs when user demand on a transportation
system exceeds the capacity of the system at any point during the day
Economically active people -The people who have jobs and are adding to
the wealth of a place
Employment structure - The division of jobs into primary, secondary,
tertiary and quaternary sectors
Greenbelt land -An area of land around a large urban area where the
development of housing and industry is severely restricted and the
countryside is protected for farming and recreation
High-tech industry - An industry using advanced information technology
and/or processes involving micro-electronics
Pedestrianised street - An area or street where no cars or transport is
permitted, people can walk safely
Primary employment - An industry such as farming, fishing, forestry and
mining. Raw material are extracted from the land or sea
Quaternary employment - Jobs which provide information and expertise
e.g. Market researcher and IT consultant
Rural -An area of countryside
Rural-urban fringe - A transition zone between the built-up area and the
Secondary employment - Jobs that involve manufacturing, or making things
e.g. Car assembly, carpenters, builders and potters
Tertiary employment -A job which provides a service e.g. Teacher, doctor,
waiter or a shop assistant
Tourism- An industry based on people’s which to travel and spend leisure
time away from the home
Urban - A built up area such as a town or city