Soberlink is a not-for-profit organisation that
has developed an abstinence and recovery
mentoring programme for alcohol
Some Facts
1.6m alcohol dependents in the UK
810,000 hospitalisations annually
Annual cost of £2.7b to the NHS
£22b cost to society per year
Some Facts
Alcohol is a factor in 50% of crime
Over one-third of offenders are alcohol dependent
Each year, around 5,000 alcohol dependent
offenders are released from prisons in the South
West region
The Difference
We Want to Make
SoberLink will take dependent drinkers out of the
all too common, devastating and costly cycle of
treatment and short-term abstinence, followed by
relapse and an eventual return to the treatment
How We Do It
Recovery to Recovery
Each client is assigned a SoberLink mentor
who supports their transition from treatment into
long-term sobriety
How We Do It
Run by staff and volunteers in long-term recovery
SoberLink provides knowledge and understanding
of strategies to enable our clients to build their
confidence and capabilities in the crucial first 90days of recovery
How We Do It
The programme is delivered in a series of face-toface meetings, telephone and electronic contact
The aim is to facilitate the client into long-term
recovery and to be available to the client at
reasonable times
Pilot Programme
Agreement has been reached with Devon DAAT
and the Devon Probation Service to run a six
month pilot programme in Exeter for a specified
number of clients
Mentoring is about one person helping another to
achieve something that is important to them
There are no hard and fast rules to a mentoring
arrangement, it is a flexible arrangement between
the mentee and the mentor, determined by the
individuals involved
SoberLink Mentors
SoberLink’s mentors will aim to assist clients utilise
new skills and behaviours introduced and learned
in a treatment setting to real life problem situations
within the client’s community to enable them
achieve their goal of long-term sobriety
Partnering with Just People makes sense
Shared expertise
Shared resources
Shared experiences
Equip our volunteers to work flexibly in a
variety of settings
Provide supervision
Provide on-going training and support
What’s the Point?
Supporting dependent drinkers to turn their lives
around makes both social and economic sense
For every £1 spent on alcohol treatment £5 is saved
on health, welfare and crime costs
What’s the Point?
Recovery is contagious and brings with it an increase in
confidence and self-esteem
Long-term sobriety allows alcohol dependents to heal family
relationships, return to employment and begin to contribute to
the wider community
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