Flight Challenge

Flight Challenge
Design and Engineering
Flight Challenge – TSA Event
Design Challenge
 You will design, build, and test a glider made
of balsa wood.
 Your glider should be designed to stay in the
air as long as possible
 You will be following the Technology Student
Association Competitive Events guidelines
for this design challenge
Sample Plane Design
The Keet – Midwest Technologies
Wing Shapes – Dihedral
Plane Parts
Main Wing
Shark’s Tooth
Plane Parts - Dimensions
Balsa wood for gliders
fuselage blank - 3mm thick x 13mm wide x 300mm long
wing blank - 1.5mm thick x 77mm wide x 300mm long
stabilizer and fin blank - 75mm thick x 51mm wide x 150mm long
wooden shark’s tooth hook - 3mm thick x 6.5mm wide x 20mmlong
glued to the bottom of the fuselage, flush with nose of glider
Design Sheet
Design Process
 Sketch plane design ideas – 3-4 designs
– Try different design ideas
– Show different views – top, side, front
 Draw your design on a design sheet
– Use ruler and pencil
– Carefully measure and draw all parts
– Have your teacher approve your final design
 Cut out plane parts to make paper templates