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Self-Care and Managing Stress
Sonia McMahon-Comartin
Roots & Wings Professional Life Coaching
So many things are based on:
 CHOICES – critical to be at choice. No longer
victimized by circumstances faced with, but
powerfully choose how to view a situation.
 PERSPECTIVES – creating perspective expands the
opening through which we look at our life
circumstances. When reexamine our viewpoints, see
possibility and change.
 VALUES – represent who you are; principles you hold
to be of worth in your life. Values are intrinsic to you.
React or Respond?
 Common Practice:
Work towards:
(freedom to choose)
Should vs. WANT
Look at what you WANT to do,
rather than what you or others
believe you should do.
 Focus on what has meaning for you;
life does not include a dress rehearsal.
Look in the MIRROR
 Look deeply into your own eyes and identify with
who you see.
 Do you like the person within?
 Be honest with yourself about the types of
things you said and did today: Were they
healthy and productive, or were they negative
and energy zapping?
> >How would you feel about being a good friend?
Putting Things In Perspective
~Personal Reflection~
 Do I love and respect myself?
 Helpful to change my way of thinking?
 In difficult situations, what can I find to be grateful
 What keeps me motivated everyday?
 How do I express gratitude?
 Do I have clearly defined goals?
 How are my choices impacting me?
>Our self-talk needs to be louder and more
POSITIVE than that of our saboteurs.
>>We are in control.
>>>Awareness of language: both internal and
I can’t
I should
I’m never satisfied >>>
I won’t
I need/want
I want to learn & grow
– a habit we’ve developed over the years.
~ comes from the same Latin Root as the word aptitude.
~ the root word, APTUS, meant FITNESS to the Romans. Our
attitudes have a lot to do with physical, mental, emotional, and
spiritual fitness.
>>What do you want, but not have? Allow possibilities:
do not put a lid on your hopes and desires.
How I Can Earn My SUA Degree
S _____________
U _____________
A _____________
This is the way I believe people experience interacting with me:
Become your OWN Best Friend
Imagine that you have stepped out of your body, and you
are now standing next to yourself.
>What can you say that is comforting and helpful?
>>How can you encourage this person to feel more
comfortable/confident about him or herself?
>>>Establish a relationship; provide constructive
 French origin: “corage”, or “of heart”
 Original meaning: “ACTING WITH HEART”
 The kind of courage we all need to recognize,
honour, and celebrate ~ authentic acts of the heart
 What is more COURAGEOUS than CHOOSING to do
something OUT OF LOVE, from a place of knowing it’s the
Albert Schweitzer said:
“Sometimes our light goes out but is blown again
into flame by an encounter with another human
being. Each of us owes the deepest thanks to
those who have rekindled this inner light.”
 Someone who has rejuvenated my inner light:
 I could reawaken the inner light of:
~It is the hearts you touch that will determine your true
success in life~
Reflective Writing: Mini-Project
Reflecting on your own life experience:
 List negative hurts on left side of page.
 List positive experiences on right side of page.
“You have to feel it to heal it.” Alan D. Wolfelt
 Be There
 Be Sensitive
 Be Silent
“The only way to get to the other side is
to go through the door.” Helen Keller
Not About Fixing:
 Companion others as they face their hardships.
 Can’t make it better.
 Not give advice; possibly add perspective.
 Not suggested to take on everyone else’s problems.
 Healthier and more helpful to be supportive, but not
feel responsible.
 How am I going to get all this done?
 Change to perspective of: An abundant gift
 Recognize our inborn gifts and our ability to manifest
and create abundance: Helps us to be grateful for
everything the universe has delivered to us.
 Changing our perspective: quickly shift from
overwhelm into ACTION.
GOAL Setting
 Specific – what exactly do you want to accomplish?
 Measureable – and have a date attached.
 Accountable – useful to partner with someone.
 Resonant – something a person truly desires, finds
meaning in, and is passionate about.
 Thrilling – really anxious to get started! Helpful to
have goals to stretch yourself to.
Values & Life Purpose
What is important to me?
~In accordance with how live life and principles live by~
What are my greatest gifts?
What is my life purpose?
What am I meant to do here?
What do I want to do with my life?
….keeping in mind…..
Making a “living” is not the same thing as “making a life”…
Self-Care Strategies
 Self-care strategies in the areas of physical, mental, and emotional health:
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