Nurses Leading the Way - Blessing

Nurses Leading the Way
4th Annual Regional QSEN Workshop
May 20, 2014
Ann O’Sullivan, MSN, RN, CNE, NE-BC, ANEF
Assistant Dean, Blessing-Rieman College of
 Discuss the key elements of holistic nursing
 List three ways nurses can care for themselves.
 Prioritize self-care as an essential component of
personal and professional development.
What does Nursing Leadership
mean to you?
“The question for every nurse—
no matter the stage of his or her
education or career– is:
are you the best leader
you can be?”
--Susan B. Hassmiller
Before you are a leader,
success is all about growing yourself.
When you become a leader,
Success is all about growing others.
--Jack Welch
Evolution of Leadership Theories
 Early models: Self-engaged
 Great man; trait; Situational; Behavioral
 Centered on the leader
 Integrative Theories
 Participative; Transactional; Transformational
 Other-engaged
 Holistic Nurse Leadership
 Combination of both
Holistic Nurse Leadership
 Four key elements
 Self-awareness and discovery
 Identify, embrace, and act upon your strengths
 Early leadership theories
 Growing others
 Current focus of leadership theories is on being “other
 Combination of both being self engaged and other
Holistic Nurse Leadership
 Practicing self-care
 Work-life balance; health, relaxation; finances, etc
 Aware of and focus on your passions
 Identify your intentions and commit to action
 Plan of Intention and Action
 Must first want to act
 The take next step—action
--Dr. Sue Roe (2014)
Practicing Self-Care
 Leading with your mind
 Present and in the moment
 Mindfulness; In the moment
 BREATHE—before each activity
 Leading with your body
 Care for your own wellness
 Concern for the wellness of others
Practicing Self-Care
 Leading with your heart
Having a human-to-human connection (J. Watson)
Carative factors
Transpersonal Caring
Caring Moment
 Leading with your soul
 Lead with passion
 Communicate a vision while aware of your own and
others’ feelings, desires, and dreams
 Quality of Life Self-Care Wheel
The Leader Self-Care Challenge
It’s All About the Relationships
Manage Up
Manage Down
Manage Across
Manage Within
“Do you have the courage to show-up,
take risks, be seen,
ask for help, own our mistakes,
learn from failure,
learn from joy,
and can we support the people around
us in doing the same?”
--Brown, 2012
Managing Within
Caring for self—foundation of success
Time management
Refresh and Renew
Best Practices
Manage time realistically
Schedule time to reflect and think
Adjust your way of thinking and being
Give yourself a break
Take time away
Spend time with energizers
Compassion Fatigue and Burnout
Health is not only to be well, but to use well every
power we have. The martyr sacrifices themselves
entirely in vain. Or rather not in vain: for they make the
selfish mote selfish, the lazy more lazy, the narrower,
--Florence Nightingale
This desire to deeply care for others can put nurses at risk of
compassion fatigue and burnout, which can also affect patients
and organizations.
Personal Prevention Strategies
Strong non-work relationships
Self-care on a daily basis
Maintain positive attitude
Self reflection
Personal philosophy of role in caring
Supportive relationships
Manage chronic conditions
Professional Prevention Strategies
 Debrief with colleagues
 Request assignment change
 Professional development
 Time off
 Set limits
 Maintain perspective
 Strong professional relationships
 Maintains professional boundaries
Physical Self-Care Action Plan
Sleep and rest
Accountability Buddy
Mental Self-Care Action Plan
 Reduce stress
Tai Chi
Self-Care Action Plan
 Emotional
A sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ
John Steinbeck
 Spiritual
 Relationship
 Choice
 Make choices from self-compassion
Self-Care: A Lifelong Journey
Healing is a lifelong
journey into wholeness.
Becoming healed involves
learning to trust life.
--Barbara Dossey
Self-Care Action Plan
 Today I choose to:
 Today I will start:
 Today I will continue:
 Today I will stop:
A high quality life
starts with a
high quality you
--Cheryl Richardson
Ann O’Sullivan, MSN, RN, CNE, NE-BC, ANEF
Assistant Dean, Associate Professor
Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing
217-228-5520, ext 6984
[email protected]
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