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Current Issues
Factory Floor (Defect Tracking, NCMR)
 What are my manufacturing problems?
 What is my current WIP status?
Quality Department (CAPA, Audits)
 What recurring problems do I need to address?
 Is Manufacturing following the correct specifications?
Customer (RMA, Complaints )
 How can I improve to eliminate returns?
 How can I increase customer satisfaction?
Procurement (Supplier Quality, Incoming Inspection)
 How can I reduce my inventory, WIP, scrap?
 How can I be sure manufacturing has the latest components?
Engineering (FMEA, R&D Testing, New Product Dev.)
 How can I be immediately notified on product failures?
 Are there any prototype/pilot run issues?
Regulatory (Adverse Events, Commitment Tracking, SOX)
 How can I prove we meet regulations?
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