Navigating your relationship with the Business Office.
“Always make a copy of your green sheet and all
documentation before turning it in for signatures!”
Request for Reimbursement for
Items already purchased.
• The vendor name should be the name of the person the
check should be made out to with the address and
phone number.
• You will be contacted when the check is ready.
• Write in the note line if you need to have the check
mailed or have other info.
Request for a payment by check to
a third party
• Ex: Conference Registration
• The vendor name should be the name of
the agency to be paid. Include contact
info whenever possible.
• Write delivery method in the note section:
mail to…, student will hand carry, etc
• If you want a check, don’t forget to pick it
Request payment by Credit Card
• Ex: Hotel registrations
• The vendor should be the hotel name and
contact person if applicable.
• Amounts may be estimated (do some
research on line)
• Write in notes if the registration needs to
be made, has been made, is waiting for
CC number or PO number, etc.
Purchase from College Bookstore
• Ex: Bookstore items to raffle
• The vendor name should be the college.
• Actual costs can be obtained from the
Purchase of items on account
• TBCC has accounts set up at certain
• The vendor name is the store’s name
• Describe the items to be purchase and
cost or estimated cost.
• Once the form is signed, a representative
of the college will instruct you on how to
sign for the purchase.
Order Supplies
• The college purchases office supplies in
quantity (often below retail)
• If the chapter needs supplies of this type,
research the price of the items and fill out
the green sheet for the preferred vendor.
• Be sure to include the vendors item
numbers and details like color.
Final suggestions
• Fill out the green sheet as completely as
• Start the process early so you have time to
acquire the items by the date needed
• Keep your advisor in the loop to avoid
• Always make a copy of the green sheet
and all documentation before turning it in
for signatures.