Our Iceberg is Melting

Creating the NOW Attitude
“Our Iceberg is Melting” Model
Prepared by:
James J. Messina, Ph.D.
Handling the Unexpected
“Our Iceberg is Melting” model
 Importance of sense of urgency
 Ways to instill the sense of urgency
 Obstacles of complacency
“Our Iceberg Is Melting”
A story about an iceberg colony whose
future is uncertain
“Our Iceberg Is Melting”
Fred finds
problem and
needs to
instill sense
of urgency
“Our Iceberg Is Melting”
Fred needs to inform colony of potential
problem and possible solutions
“Our Iceberg Is Melting”
Fred seeks
help of others
to overcome
of the group
The 80-20
20 % Doers vs.
80 % Non-doers (NoNo)
 Doers
 Responsible for the survival of life
 Must always face negative criticisms of non-doers
 Non-doers (NoNo)
 Complacent, comfortable & stubborn
 Usually the ones to point the finger of blame first
– “Why me?”, “It’s not fair.” or “It won’t work.”
 Need to move more people into the Doers
Major Obstacles of
The absence of a major crisis
Too many visible resources
Low standards of performance
Organizational structure that
focuses employees on narrow
functional goals
Internal measurements that
focus on the wrong
performance indexes
More Major Obstacles
of Complacency
Lack of sufficient
performance feedback
from external sources
Kill the messenger culture
Human nature of
Too much happy talk
from upper
Instilling the Sense of Urgency
How do YOU
put the wheel
in motion?
 How do YOU
get the NOW
How to disrupt the Status Quo
Create a Crisis
Eliminate examples of excess
Set revenue, productivity &
customer satisfaction so high
that they can not be meet by
present business practice
Increase department’s
responsibility for overall
business performance
Send more data about
customer satisfaction to
More on: How to disrupt the
Status Quo
Insist on confronting unsatisfied relationships
Use consultants in manager meetings to drive
honest discussions & use of more relevant
Stop happy talk when not appropriate
Bombard people with information on future
opportunities/rewards & organization’s
current inability to pursue those opportunities
“The achievement -of excellence can
only occur if the organization promotes
a culture of creative dissatisfaction.”
Lawrence Miller
Do YOU Have What it Takes to
Create the “NOW” Attitude ?
Eight Step Process to
Successful Change by John Kotter
Set the Stage
1. Create a sense of Urgency
2. Pull together the guiding team
Decide What to Do
3. Develop the change vision and strategy
Eight Step Process to
Successful Change by John Kotter
Make it Happen
4. Communicate for Understanding and Buy in
5. Empower others to act
6. Produce short-term wins
7. Don’t let up
Make it Stick
8. Create a new culture
Why is it important for
YOU to have a sense of
urgency in the face of
What are the obstacles
that can stop YOU in the
process of change?
Do YOU understand the
ways to instill the sense of
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Our Iceberg is Melting website:
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