Past Board Work starting 1/5 (ENG IV)

Board work 1/12Eng IV
Good Advice
• How do people make their advice convincing?
What are some techniques for getting people to
agree with you? List as many as you can think
of and give examples of how to use them.
• Have you ever had difficulty making people
understand you? How does such a situation
make you feel? Why? What would you do in
such a case?
• How do you react when someone doesn’t listen
to you and then gets in trouble because of it?
Are you smug? Forgiving? Annoyed? Why?
A Modest Proposal
• What does the title of “A Modest Proposal”
mean? What expectations do we have
based upon the title?
• What problem is Swift addressing in the
essay? What caused this problem?
• Outline the advice Swift gives in the essay.
• How does he justify his advice? What
reasons does he give for it?
Swift’s Satire
• What style of satire is this? How do you know?
Support with evidence from the text.
• What verbal irony does Swift use in each of the
following parts of the essay?
– The title
– Lines 59-60 (“I shall now…least objection.”)
– Lines 135-145 (Some persons…evils to come.”)
• Based upon the essay, do you think satire is an
effective means of fighting injustice? Why or why
not? Use the text for evidence.
Create your own Satire!
• Now that you’ve read two types of Satire,
it’s time to create your own. Pick
something that annoys you and satirize it.
Use Hyperbole, Irony, and a humorous
tone to describe it or your response to it.
Choose whether you will be light-hearted
and Horatian in your satire, or whether you
will be cold, bitter and Juvenalian. Then
we’ll trade, and identify what kind of Satire
you’ve written!