Skills Progression CPD Activity

Skills Progression
CPD Activity
This CPD session has been designed to last
for around 60 - 90 minutes and is based
around reflective questions.
These should be used to encourage
professional dialogues around skills
progression and development.
This type of activity could be applied to any
aspect of the curriculum.
In small groups, select an
experience and outcome from the
Relationships, Sexual Health and
Parenthood organiser at a level
relevant to you, which you would
like to explore.
Use the Skills Path and Skills Path in
Action to Consider.........
Thinking about your selected RSHP experience and outcome –
 In the widest sense, what do you want children / young people to
learn? Which skills are signposted?
 How might you involve the children / young people in taking
ownership of the learning experience?
 Which skills, indicated within the experience and outcome will you
focus on?
 Thinking about these skills, what learning experiences might you
provide / set up?
 Select one of the RSHP learning experiences .What might be the
range of appropriate assessment evidence which could be
generated from these activities / experiences to support learning
and teaching?
*evidence may come from things that learners say, write, make
or do in response to their learning experiences and should ensure
opportunities for breadth, challenge and application.
Follow up Cluster Activity
 Work in mixed level groupings, with representation from Early, First,
Second, Third and Fourth Level or work in small groups to consider
one of the levels. All levels should be represented.
 Select a line of development within the RSHP experiences and
outcomes. You may find it interesting to tease out a line of
development which spans all levels?
 Consider the same questions
 Sort your feedback into the line of development e.g. Early, First,
Second, Third and Fourth Level either in groups or these can be
posted up around the room to look at.
Review Reflect Respond
 Is there anything you notice about the skills and types of learning
activities you have planned across the levels?
 Is there any repetition, duplication?
 Are there opportunities for a range of different types of
assessment to support learning?
 What might your next steps be to ensure that learning
experiences and skills are consolidated and built upon to allow
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