Poetry Madness? - english7ramsey

Are you ready for
2012 Poetry-Madness Tournament
Presented by Ms. Charboneau’s English
Bellwork 2-9-12
• Look at the poetry bracket.
• Make a prediction about which four poems
will make it to the FINAL Four.
“A Loaf of Poetry”
• What is the meaning of this poem? Use
textual evidence to back up what you are
2/9/12 Metaphor
• Definition: A comparison of two things
without using like or as
• Example: The sunset is a fire in the sky.
• Your example:
2/9/12 Extended Metaphor p.2
Extended Metaphor
• Definition: When two people, places, or things
are compared at some length and in several
• Example: Creating a poem is compared to
baking a loaf of bread.
• Your example:
• Which details does the writer use to compare
the volcano to an old woman?
• According to the poem, what causes the
volcano to erupt? Why do you think this?
2/9/12 Personification
• Definition: the giving of human qualities to an
animal, object, or idea
• Example: Loo-Wit, a volcano, is described as
an old woman.
“She was sleeping
but she heard the boot scrape” (Rose 41-42).
• Your example: