Vocabulary Practice
The fingerprints on the gold watch
_______ the butler as the thief.
a) venture
b) enterprising
c) persistence
d) identified
identified – verb – prove that
someone or something is a
particular person or thing
Brian, an _________ young man,
ran for class president and won.
a) identified
b) venture
c) enterprising
d) persistence
enterprising – adjective – showing
energy and initiative; willing or
inclined to take risks
In order to run a business, a person
must have a lot of _________.
a) enterprising
b) persistence
c) identified
d) venture
persistence – noun – the ability to
keep trying in spite of
difficulties or obstacles
Rea’s new ______ was a carpet
cleaning service.
a) persistence
b) identified
c) venture
d) enterprising
venture – noun – a business or some
other undertaking that involves
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