Smartphone Market Growing
What do the IDC say is the main driver for smartphone sales?
What are Apple & Samsung’s respective market shares? Why?
Sales rise in India
Should businesses be focusing on India instead of China? Why?
Apple share price plummets
What has happened to sales of Ipads? Sales in China?
Why has the share price dropped?
Samsung profits down
What 2 reasons do they give for the decline in profit?
Should this concern Samsung?
What are the most
interesting points and why?
Full infographic
Jobs Biographer says Google is now more
innovative than Apple (Video)
Atari founder says "Cook is not the next Jobs“
What is Tim Cook doing successful?
Why does Bushnell prefer Google’s approach?
Why is important to get it wrong?
Why should we nap at work?!
”We’re gambling on our vision, and we would rather do that than make “me too”
products. Let some other companies do that. For us, it’s always the next dream.”
Steve Jobs
Why the 5c is bad for Apple
The case for and against 5c
Advantages of the 5c for Apple
Overall decision and Justification:
Disadvantages of the 5c for Apple
Samsung's Smart Home
Techradar review of
Samsung's Smart Home
What are the main features?
Will this be more successful than Galaxy
Gear? Why?
Bio of Oh-Hyun Kwon
What information can you find about one of the
world’s most influential people?
Samsung's vision & mission
6 brief videos
Mini Biography
Management Style
Evolution of Ipad,
Iphone & Ipad
Make notes here…
The costs of patent lawsuits
The benefits of patent
lawsuits are…..
Full patent wars inforgraphic
Steve Wozniak on cross-licensing
Google and Samsung take Wozniak's advice
Will cross-licensing encourage or stifle innovation?
What are the main benefits of the agreement?