The Soviet Union
Stalin I
Death of Lenin
• In 1924 Lenin died.
• The rule of the first
Communist leader was
The Rise of Stalin
• Born into poverty.
• Not well educated.
• Was seen a a crude man.
Was also cold, hard and
• Would use brutality and
murder to enforce his reign
as dictator.
• Stalin will become one of
the most brutal leaders in
Stalin Takes Power
• In 1928 Stalin obtained
control of the government.
• Stalin turned the Soviet
Union into a totalitarian
• Stalin was the dictator and
controlled the one party
system of government.
Stalin as a Totalitarian
• Totalitarian leaders
centralize the government
control every aspect of public and private life
appear to provide a sense of direction
limit values such as freedom, dignity and
individual worth.
Life in a Totalitarian State
•Growth of industry
•Growth of military
•Low standard of living
•Food shortages
•Gov’t hates religion
•Takes over places
of worship
•Controls religious
•One party system
•Gpv’t controls lives
of the citizens
•Gov’t controls
Industry and agriculture
•Use of propaganda to
Win gov’t support
•Censorship of art,
books, music.
•Use art to praise
•Artist are watched
by the secret police
•Use of secret police
•Communist Party
members are the upper
•Free education
•Free health care
•Jobs for women
Stalin and the Secret Police
• Dictators use terror and
violence to enforce
their rule.
• Stalin created his
totalitarian state by
getting rid of his
Stalin and the Secret Police
• Stalin carried out the following
– Used tanks and military to stop riots
– Used the secret police to spy on people
– Children were encouraged to turn in disloyal
– Millions were arrested and executed
The Great Purge
• In 1934 Stalin turn on
anyone in the
Communist party who
threatened his power.
The Great Purge
• Bolsheviks who had help start the revolution were
arrested, placed on “trial” and executed.
• “Crimes against the state”
• All types of people were arrested for petty crimes
and never seen again
• By 1939 Stalin had complete and total control of the
government and the Communist Party.
• Between 8 to 11 million people were murdered
during the purges.
• Stalin was a strong Russian Nationalist.
• He did away with individual cultures.
• Stalin promoted
– A common Russian history, language, culture.
– Appointed Russians to key posts in Gov’t and the secret police.
– Re-drew the boundaries of Russia to ensure non Russian
republics would not become bigger then Russia.
– The ruling class of Russia was to be Russian.
• The spreading of ideas
to promote a certain
cause or damage and
opposing cause
Stalin and Propaganda
• The government used
propaganda to
– Encourage people to
accept the Communist
– Glorify Stalin and the
– Praise the Communist
• No individual creativity was
• All published works
conformed to the Stalin
and Communist ideals
• The Government
controlled the radio,
newspaper, and other
means of information.
• Both Lenin and Stalin had similar and
different ideas on how to achieve the goals of
the Communist Party.
• Using the notes from the handout create a
Venn diagram for both Lenin and Stalin
Read pages 775-780 and answer the following
1. What is totalitarianism?
2. What is a command economy?
3. What are collective farms?
4. What was the Great Purge?