Route of Sperm
– In point write out the:
1. Route of the sperm from its initial existence until
it leaves the penis
2. Route of the sperm as it enters the vagina
3. Route of the egg during menstruation
• The sperm form in the seminiferous
– stored in the eppididdymus.
• They are carried by the vas deferens
• Here the sperm pass through the seminal
vesicle then the prostate.
• Here they are joined the urethra which
carries it down and out through the penis.
• Testes  Epididymis Vas Deferens (or
Sperm Duct)Urethra
• 2. Here the sperm enter the vagina and
then pass through the cervix into the
uterus. From here the sperm travels
towards the ovum through the fallopian
• During ovulation the egg leaves the ovary
and is guided into the fallopian tube.
• If fertilized it will travels down the fallopian
tube and into the uterus.
• It its not fertilized the egg will leave via the
cervix and vagina.
The Human Female Reproductive System
Ovary  Oviduct or Fallopian Tube  Uterus
 Cervix  Vagina
Anatomy of a Sperm
• Head- Contains the
D.N.A in the nucleus
• Midpiece- Contains
the mitochondria
which provides
energy for movement
• Tail- Known as a
flagellum and used to
create movement