Pasadena Police Commercial
Vehicle Enforcement Unit
Our Mission Statement
• Our mission is to save lives, protect
resources, and ensure the safety of the
traveling public by preventing crashes
through the training and enforcement of
local, state, and federal regulations.
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit
• Currently consists of 6 full time officers, one Sergeant
and one Lieutenant.
• All officers are certified D.O.T. Inspectors with
specialized training in Cargo Tanks and Hazardous
• The Unit primarily responds to collisions and other
calls for service involving Commercial Motor Vehicle’s.
Facts about CMV traffic in Pasadena:
• Traffic “tube” surveys monitoring commercial vehicle traffic
were done on weekdays from 8 A.M. to 11 A.M. and 1 P.M.
to 3 P.M. These surveys indicated that there are
approximately 60 trucks per minute traveling on S.H. 225
during these peak traffic periods.
Enforcement Information
• Officers in the unit enforce the Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Regulations, Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations, Texas
Law, and City Ordinances on all roadways of the City of
• Officers in the unit are also called upon by the patrol division
and other Police Departments in the area to assist with crash
scenes and major incidents involving CMV’s.
• Although their primary function is to target commercial motor
vehicles, members of the unit also routinely answer other call
for service.
• Texas Weight Laws are also strictly enforced which results in
the protection of the citizens and the roadways of our city.
Goals and Problems
• The departments goal is to reduce the
number of commercial vehicle crashes
resulting in bodily injury and fatalities
through enforcement efforts and fleet
safety education and training.
• With increased CMV traffic in Pasadena,
we are witnessing an increased number
of weight violations.
• With the introduction of the “truck lane”
on State Hwy 225, we are also witnessing
CMV’s traveling in the truck lane which
poses traffic issues.
Goals and Problems Continued
• With the Port of Houston’s (Pasadena) Bayport
Terminal now underway, we will see an
increased number of commercial vehicles
moving through our city.
• The Port of Houston estimates that
approximately 7,000 trucks per day will travel in
and out of the new Bayport Terminal during
their hours of operation.
• This will create an increased number of crashes
and calls for service involving commercial motor
vehicles during peak hours.
Crashes Involving Commercial
• From January 1st to June 30th of this year there have
been a total of 71 accidents involving commercial
• Of the 71 accidents, only 5 or 7% occurred on the
weekend. Broken down per month the average
number for CMV accidents occurring over the
weekends is .833%. This is less than one CMV
accident occurring each month over the weekends.
Action Plan
• Members of the unit will continue to
enforce the Federal Motor Carrier
Safety Regulations, the Hazardous
Materials Regulations, State Laws,
and applicable City Ordinances.
• Members of the division will also
continue to answer crash calls and
major incidents involving
commercial motor vehicles.
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