A successful Employee Concern
Management process includes the
following best practices:
Why care about employee
 OSHA recognized several companies as part of the
Voluntary Protection Program- A Model of Safety and
Health Excellence That Works! Included in the
highlighted programs is a Safety Concern Notices
program allowing employees to submit notices to
report hazardous conditions and provide
 A Canadian company was cited for their employee’s
failure to effectively use the company’s Internal
Complaint Resolution Process. The process is
intended to provide employees the opportunity to have
their safety concerns addressed in a timely fashion,
and is a regulated requirement under Part II of the
Canada Labor Code.
• An easy means for employees and/or safety
committees to report concerns
• Method of assigning action items to a responsible
• Tracking mechanism to ensure all concerns have
been addressed
• Feedback loop to the employee reporting the
concern on the status of the item
The Gensuite Concern Reporting application was
developed in 2005 to precisely meet these
process needs and is being used by ~830 sites
On average, annual site productivity savings has been
estimated at $6K per site!*
*Productivity savings based on a site with 100 employees and an estimated 129 hours of
managing and tracking employee concerns at a rate of $45/hr.
Management of employee concerns from
reporting to resolution is critical to increase
employee involvement and avoid citations!
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Concern Reporting Functionality
 Enable site employees to quickly report safety concerns
or near-misses in local language (no permissions
 Link the site EHS Homepage to the simple “shop-floor”
Concern Reporting display page that’s been customized
to the site’s needs
 Eliminate paper-based and/or manually-intensive
concern follow-up and resolution processes
 Automatically notify assigned responsible person for
concern(s) follow-up via email; provide weekly status
reports to all dept/sub-dept safety leads
 Automatically notify submitters via email when concerns
are closed
 Escalate concerns to Measurements Reporting, ATS,
Calendar, or Initial Injury Reports for follow-up when
 Track and trend concerns by scope (e.g. Business, Org,
Custom Group, Site, Dept, Sub-Dept) and type
 Streamline process using 100% Pocket PC-enabled
 Customize… include file attachments for concerns
 Monitor using monthly site status summary email
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